The MacKenzie Family

Welcome to all things MacKenzie!

I hope you’ll spend some time looking through the site and getting to know the MacKenzies a little better. This is a family near and dear to my heart, and I can’t wait to continue their stories.

A Little MacKenzie Background:

The MacKenzies are an extremely close family, and this particular branch stems from Cole MacKenzie. Cole was a US Marshal and his brother, Riley, was an outlaw. That’s a whole other story though.

Cole and his wife, Elizabeth, made their family home in Surrender, Montana in 1866, and they were blessed with a son and four daughters. You can check out the family tree here. Read a little more about Cole MacKenzie in A Christmas Wish: Dane.

If you’re brand new to the MacKenzie family, you can read them in this order:

  • DANE
  • TO CATCH A CUPID: THOMAS (coming February 2014)
  • FIREWORKS: RILEY (coming July 2014)
  • THE TIES THAT BIND: COOPER (coming November 2014)
  • CADE

For those of you who have been patiently waiting to hear more about Shane MacKenzie, you don’t have much longer to wait. The next four MacKenzie Security Novels have been announced, and Shane’s story will unfold over the first three books, so you’ll want to make sure you read all of them.

Here are the covers! Aren’t they beautiful?

Sizzle Crave Scorch Need

February 18, 2014
Amazon UK!
Amazon Canada!
Amazon Australia!

March 31, 2015



SIZZLE comes out in February 2014 and features Archer Ryan (you met him in SINS AND SCARLET LACE).

A killer who taught her everything she knows…
A mission that pits her skills against his…
And a new partner that makes her body…Sizzle

When Declan MacKenzie asks Archer Ryan to do a special job for MacKenzie Security, Archer has no choice but to say yes. He owes Declan his life, and Declan more than has his hands full with his own family problems. Little does Archer know he’ll be chasing a would-be recruit all the way to hell and back. Or maybe Alaska just seems like hell.

Audrey Sharpe works for no one but herself. Not even when the most elite security company in the country wants her. She doesn’t have time to worry about MacKenzies. She’s racing against the clock to hunt down the man who taught her everything she knows and to stop him from killing more innocent people. When sexy, but tough as nails, Archer Ryan keeps getting in her way, Audrey has to decide whether he’ll be an asset or a distraction her body and mind can’t afford.

Stick around awhile and explore the site. Here are a few things you’ll find.

DANE’S NEWS— Our favorite reporter will keep you updated on major events happening with the MacKenzie Clan. It will be like a family newsletter, giving birth announcements, wedding news, vacation stories and family get-togethers. A great way for you to keep up with what’s going on with the MacKenzies in between books.
CLAIRE’S BOOK CORNER— Librarians always have the best book recommendations, and Claire is no exception. She’ll let you know what books she’s enjoyed recently, and especially if there are any great deals going on.
CAT’S KITCHEN— Who would have guessed our favorite cat burglar would enjoy the domestic life? But this mother of four has come a long way since trying to figure out how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, and she’s become a whiz in the kitchen. So who better to share the MacKenzie family recipes that have been passed down for generations with you?

I hope you’ll love the MacKenzies as much as I do!